I’m in a style slump!

I’ve never been ‘fashionable’…Never. I’ve never followed the ‘trend’ or bought what everyone else is buying at the time. Either i’m off wearing some other ridiculous thing or I’m late to the party. Basically I have always failed at fashion.

But right now I am in a almighty SLUMP. I loved all my clothes literally a month ago but I wear the same kind of outfit day in day out and I never experiment or branch out to new items so I am just bored of my style. 90% of the time I will be in ripped jeans, plain T-shirt, Flannel and either vans or Toms.


I’d love to branch out and try new styles but whenever I try I just feel 100% self conscious rather than full of confidence. I try it out for one day then quickly revert back to my simple old ways where I know I’m nice and happy albeit very bored.

Kind of like the time I wore this play suit for one day and have never touched it again.


I recently went shopping in the city and I hated everything I saw to the point where I didn’t try a single thing on! I went out on a mission to try different styles and pick something new for my upcoming summer holiday and I found N.O.T.H.I.N.G. My only purchase of the whole day were a pair of shorts from H&M that were pale blue and white striped, something I am very comfortable wearing.

I don’t even have much of a wish list off websites where I’d order it in to try it on, I really just dislike everything in the shops at the minute. I don’t know whether that is the style at the moment or whether I am being super picky but I just don’t know what style direction to head in.

I also threw a paddy because I wanted a nice summer straw hat but I hated every single one I tried on so that didn’t work out for me either. I have just ordered a new bikini for my holiday though and even though I didn’t go too crazy (black and white striped) I guess it is more exciting that my plain black one I currently own.


I think I need another shopping trip with a more open mind and a better bank balance!



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