First Impressions Boohoo Order!

I am obsessed with I think I actually have an issue…haha! I’ve signed up for the free next day delivery for a year service which was £9.99 which is great value as they charge £3.99 for standard delivery anyway. Boohoo were once again having a 20% off offer so I took advantage and ordered 4 things from my Wishlist.

Luckily I am happy with 3 out of the 4 things and I’m still wondering what to do about one of the items as I can’t decide whether I love it or hate it..


The First item I ordered has been in my Wishlist for a long time so I finally went for it. It is the Casey Ruffle Sleeve Shift Dress in a size 8 for £15. (£12 with the discount) First off I am really happy with it, the material is nice and thick and looks just like it did in the picture. It looks as though it will fit and I will be keeping it if it does.


After trying it on I’ve decided I love it, if fits great (little loose fitting) and I’ll be keeping it!


The second thing I chose has also been in my wish list for some weeks and it is the Emily Embroidered Gypsy Top for £15 in size 8 (£12 with the discount). I am really into blue items at the moment with the embroidery as it just looks really summery and a bit different to my usual outfits. First impressions are that it once again (Boohoo does this alot) its a different colour to what the picture shows. The blue is completely different, the picture shows it to be super light, but in reality it is a lot darker and a completely different shade. I feel like Boohoo over do the editing on their pictures and lighten them up so much that they are just not recognisable anymore. Although I was disappointed with the colour, it still is a very nice top and if it fits I will most likely be keeping it.


Love this top too and will be keeping it!

IMG_3434 (2)IMG_3443

Third item I ordered was something completely Nerdy and completely ‘ME’. It is the Emma Nasa licence T-shirt, in size Small for £14 (£10.50 with the discount). First impressions are great, you can’t really go wrong with a staple Logo T-shirt, the grey is slightly darker in real life (Boohoo you suck…sometimes) the Logo is printed on good and it looks to be a good fit. I will be keeping this if it fits nicely.



I kept the Nasa top and I love it! No picture because it looks exactly like the picture haha!


And last but not least (well maybe it is) is the disappointment of the order! It is the Joanna Longline Oversize Denim Jacket for £30 in size 8 (£22.50 with the discount). First impressions are bloody terrible for this jacket. I have been toying with the idea of getting a denim jacket for so long as they seem to be back in fashion. I’ve been too scared to purchase one because it brings back all the terrible double denim memories of my childhood fashion disasters but I finally sucked it up and bought one….And I am gutted. Once again in Boohoo fashion, the colour does not match the picture, and not even by a short amount, I mean this could literally be a different jacket altogether. The picture shows it to be super light denim but its bloody well not, its medium denim, the kind of denim your mom made you wear in junior school. I tried it on quickly as it was a jacket so easy to do so and I mean the fit is quite nice but until I try it on with the right outfit I don’t think I can even begin to like it. There is a very large chance I will be returned this jacket and maybe buying one from Forever 21 or primark instore so I can be sure of the colour as Boohoo cannot be trusted on this front.


I didn’t keep this jacket as it was a terrible colour!


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