My Disney Primark Haul

I popped into my local Primark on Monday night in the hope of getting a Mickey Mouse backpack…Spoiler…They didn’t have one 😦 The only way I could see possible to get one would be paying double price on Ebay…So I did it and I don’t feel guilty in the slightest haha! It hasn’t come yet but I am already so excited!

I did manage to pick up some Disney items…and some non Disney so check them out below!

The first thing I picked up was this Mickey Mouse T-shirt for £8. It is so soft and good quality that I couldn’t resist!


Next I picked up a toiletries bag that I had seen a few you-tubers pick up recently and fell in love with it! I just couldn’t resist…and for £4 it is impossible to say no.


The detailing on the zip is so cute!IMG_3357

I didn’t need new socks but when I saw these for only £2.50 I just couldn’t resist either!


They are a 3 pack with other pictures being Cogsworth and Mrs Potts. IMG_3369

Next is not really Disney related as it is Harry Potter but I am a huge fan and I love these blankets that Primark do. I’ve had more than 5 in total and they are so stinkin’ soft!


It is a very subtle Harry Potter design which makes me love it even more. IMG_3360

My next two items are just general Primark Jewellery and I’ve been wanting some new chokers for a while and I just couldn’t resist these two packs. They are so cheap at only £2 and £3 and great quality too.


Quite a reserved Primark haul if I do say so myself but I’m super happy with what I got and can’t wait to receive my Mickey Mouse Backpack!



2 thoughts on “My Disney Primark Haul

  1. Love this haul! My primark hasn’t got any of these Disney items, in fact it has hardly any at all which sucks cause I’m a huge Disney fan. I was lucky it had the Disney backpacks (But can’t find them anymore) but we need got the chip cups! x


    1. I don’t get to go to Primark too often but when I do they always seem sold out of everything! There were only a few of these items left on the shelves however I did visit on an evening. Last resort is definitely to look on Ebay but they mark it up so much…I paid double oops! x

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